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Twitter bird


For your PC. Set usually includes icon set, complete cursor set and wallpaper in size 1024x768 px.

Angry Birds Collection
Angry Birds
Collection of this popular video game includes: wallpaper in size 1024x768px, icon set (5 icons of birds and 1 icon of pig) and complete cursor set with red bird.
Heart Variants Collection
Heart Variants
Romantic collection for customization your PC. File includes Heart wallpaper (1024x768px), icon set (14 Heart icon - 6 icons in red color, 8 icons in white-grey variants) and complete cursor set.
Musical Instruments Collection
Musical Instruments
Collection for music fans includes cursor and icon set, wallpaper with drum and notes in size 1024x768 px.
Chicken Collection
Complete cursor set and icon set with Little Chicken from Eggs icons (most popular icon). Collection includes wallpaper (1024x768 px) too.

and Collections

from some icons set with the same thema.

Glass ZOO Collection
Glass ZOO
I created 3 parts of Glass Zoo in past. Download all my small glass animals figures in one file. Collection includes 24 animals icons.
Allomantic Metals Collection
Allomantic Metals
The collection includes original version of 16 allomantic metals from Mistborn trilogy.
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